Automatic Adults Waist Band Water Life Vest

This lifebuoy is very easy to use and carry. Before it is inflated, you can compress it to a very small volume. After being inflated, it will have a relatively large volume for better work. Do not use your mouth to inflate the life jacket before working with the automatic inflator. This is very dangerous. The lifejacket can work automatically and manually. The water-soluble tablets and the cartridge are disposable. The cartridge can be replaced only when it is used for the second time, and the drawstring can be pulled to make the cartridge work.

You can also use your mouth to inflate the life jacket into the inflation tube that can be filled with gas.


  • Weight≤0.6kg
  • Buoyancy> 100N
  • Angle in water: face angle ≥40°, trunk angle ≥30°
  • Freeboard ≥120mm.
  • Inflation time≤5s
  • Floating time ≥24h
  • Buoyancy loss after 24h≤5%
  • Use environment temperature: -30°C~+65°C

Package Includes:

  • 1x lifebuoy